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5 simple ways to optimize the fleet operating cost

As a business owner, you must always be concerned about how to operate the fleet of cars efficiently and cost-effectively. Dibee Vietnam would like to share 5 simple ways to optimize the fleet operating cost from transportation experts, let's see!

1. Replace obsolete vehicles

Typically, old vehicles will consume more fuel than new ones, requiring more maintenance and repair costs.

The vehicle is too old to guarantee the safety of drivers and goods

The vehicle is too old to guarantee the safety of drivers and goods. When the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, it may cause some serious problems.

Therefore, you need to set up the indicators to determine the appropriate time to replace the vehicle, avoiding the use of obsolete vehicles.

2. Train drivers about fuel-efficient driving habits

Good driving habits can save significant fuel costs, so you should organize regular training sessions for your drivers.

You can also regularly remind them by sending a weekly message, pasting the driving rules into the cabin, or creating a rewarding campaign across the entire fleet.

Besides, you should also increase the cohesion, sharing with the driver team. When you create a good relationship, the driver will have a sense of self-discipline about saving fuel, preserving assets for the company. This is a long-term, sustainable way of managing drivers.

3. Limit fuel "leak"

Sometimes the unreasonable fuel consumption can also be caused by the driver's "honesty". In parallel with raising driver's awareness, you should have more strict measures to monitor and control fuel transactions.

Dibee payment card is currently the best solution to control fuel costs in Vietnam market

Currently, on the Vietnamese market, a fuel card product with smart PIN technology such as Dibee Fleet Card has been developed to help prevent unauthorized transactions completely.

Dibee also supports setting fuel levels, types of fuel for each vehicle. The figures are updated in real-time, helping you detect abnormal transactions immediately and process them promptly.

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4. Optimizing fleet size

Have you ever reviewed the transportation needs of your business and compared them to the fleet of vehicles you own? Do you own special or rarely used vehicles?

If so, you should consider liquidation options to reduce maintenance and management costs of these facilities. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Step 1: Classify vehicle fleets of vehicles

  • Step 2: Review the average annual usage level of each group and identify the groups with a usage rate below 50%

  • Step 3: Create alternative scenarios and alternatives if such facilities are not available

  • Step 4: Disposal of unnecessary vehicles

Are you owning less used cars?

5. Automation of management

Finally, one type of expense that you probably rarely think of is management costs.

If you're still managing your fleet with books, you should consider digital transformation to improve the productivity of those jobs, and at the same time enabling employees to move to higher value-added jobs.

Typically, manual collection of receipts and data entry is a time-consuming task for accountants. With intelligent solutions such as Dibee, voucher receipts are automatically updated on the web portal, helping accounting reduce the processing effort.

In Conclusion

Dibee has just shared 5 simple ways to optimize fleet operating costs from experts, hoping you have found at least one that works for your business. Try to apply and share with us how it works with your business.

Good luck!

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