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Onboarding with Dibee: Experience a driver training session

At Dibee, we go beyond merely providing a fuel expense payment and management solution. Our commitment extends to delivering a seamless journey for every fleet that joins us. A cornerstone of this journey is our driver training session, crucial for ensuring the smooth adoption and utilization of Dibee. Following this session, drivers are expected to use Dibee with confidence.

Since 2018, Dibee has been at the forefront of revolutionizing fuel expense management in Vietnam. With over 200 satisfied customers across various industries and fleet sizes, including logistics (e.g., express, last-mile delivery, container shipping, cool transportation), road transportation (e.g., passenger transportation, employee transportation, car rental services), manufacturing (e.g., FMCG), and F&B (e.g., food processing, food importing-exporting, retail), we cater to diverse needs.

Our goal is to streamline fuel payments, enhance monitoring capabilities, curb fraud, automate tasks, and provide actionable insights to optimize fleet performance. This is made possible through our mobile app for e-payments and web portal for digitalized management – the dynamic duo driving efficiency for our customers.


Why is this training session pivotal? Many customers previously operated with old-style management systems familiar to both their management team and drivers. Thus, facilitating a seamless transition from traditional payment methods to the convenience of our mobile app is essential to minimize switching costs. This training session aims to familiarize the customer's management team and drivers with Dibee's customer service team, establishing a solid groundwork for seamless support and communication throughout the solution implementation process. Especially, this session will bridge that gap, particularly catering to senior drivers less familiar with technology. We understand the apprehension of change and aim to make it as smooth as possible.

In these sessions, our trainer walks drivers through setting up their accounts and using the app, utilizing screen captures, detailed instructions, and live demonstrations. The drivers will learn how to download and install the app, set up account preferences, and perform transactions. Moreover, the management team often joins these sessions, enabling our trainer to clarify the data synchronization process from the mobile app to the web portal and offer further assistance with customizing settings for each driver according to the company's management guidelines. Typically, a separate training session is scheduled in advance to provide web portal guidance for the management team, emphasizing the optimal utilization of management functionalities.

Dibee’s training sessions have always been highly evaluated by our customers as it's not just about the 'how-to'; it's about fostering understanding. Questions are welcomed and encouraged, ensuring clarity for both drivers and the management team. Questions raised by customers throughout the process, from solution discovery to implementation, provide Dibee with practical suggestions and insights to further enhance our offerings.

Some captured moments from our training sessions, showcasing the engagement shared by all involved. 

Step 1_driver-training-session-at-Insee-Vietnam



In the case of a customer's office located in a distant province, Dibee's trainer always strives to arrange flexible options between on-site and online training as requested, ensuring the highest level of convenience for customers while maintaining training effectiveness.

So, what's next for your fleet? Even if you're not ready to digitalize your fleet management, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to learn more about how Dibee can transform your fleet operations. 

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Let's navigate towards efficiency together with Dibee! 


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