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Vietnam Logistics Review Magazine and Connexion Vietnam kick start the new cooperation in 2023

On May 12, 2023, Connexion Vietnam Ltd., (Dibee solution) and Vietnam Logistics Review Magazine (VLR) signed a cooperation agreement on communication and business.

Mr. Le Van Hy (VLR) and Mr. Thomas Beurthey (Connexion Vietnam) shaked hands in the agreement signing ceremony

Organizations that survived through Covid-19 pandemic are continuing their journey. To accelerate both parties’ development and contribution to Vietnam’s fast-growing logistics industry, the representative of Connexion Vietnam Ltd., Mr. Thomas Beurthey, Managing Director, signed the agreement with the representative of Vietnam Logistics Review Magazine, Mr. Le Van Hy, Editor-in-Chief. To achieve mutual long-term goals, both parties have worked rigorously on detailed strategies, and we are now thrilled to announce the partnership.

“This new agreement will set a strong foundation for Connexion Vietnam and VLR collaboration for upcoming years. We look forward to having more opportunities to exchange insightful information and join hands with Connexion on activities and events that connect companies and create value for the logistics community”, said Mr. Le Van Hy, VLR’s Editor-in-Chief.

Mr. Thomas Beurthey, Connexion’s Managing Director also shared that “It’s our honor to accompany VLR and contribute our expertise to the digital transformation of Vietnam logistics industry. We are excited about the upcoming projects with VLR and about chances to connect with trusted logistic companies”.

Mr. Le Van Hy (VLR) and Mr. Thomas Beurthey (Connexion Vietnam) signed the agreement for 2023 cooperation

About Connexion Vietnam and Dibee solution:

Connexion Vietnam is a pioneering technology provider in the market, especially in the logistics technology industry. After years of development, our solution, Dibee is becoming a comprehensive fleet and transportation expense management solution, combined with cashless payment (via mobile app and smart card). Dibee helps businesses operate their fleet efficiently and enables the secure and fast expenditure of fuel costs.

Dibee has been widely adopted by logistics companies at all scales since the solution can be flexibly customized for different management procedures and fleet sizes.

About Vietnam Logistics Review Magazine (VLR):

VLR is the mouthpiece of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA) with nearly 18 years of establishment, has been acting as an official VLA’s information distributor. VLR is also in charge of the association’s external relationship with the mission of being a communication partner for member logistics businesses. Throughout its development, VLR is proud to maintain and expand a firm network of trusted local and international logistics companies.

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