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Why cashless payment is essential for business after Covid-19?

Cash is known for a long time as an intermediary containing many viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and is one of the sources of Covid-19 infection for contacts if hygiene and epidemic prevention measures are not implemented properly.

Although the Covid-19 epidemic has temporarily subsided in Vietnam, the social gap will remain in the long term, but to a lesser extent, including the habit of contactless transactions instead of traditional payments.

This is considered a new normal state to protect the health of the community.

A new normal state in which contactless transactions are required is required to protect public health

For businesses, electronic payment solutions not only help protect the health of human resources, but also have many added benefits, help improve operational processes, optimize costs, increase profits, and enhance efficiency.

Especially in the context of the global economic downturn and difficult business activities today.

Dibee is a smart electronic fuel payment solution exclusively for the Vietnam market from Connexion Co., Ltd. - the leading company in the field of implementing digital management solutions for businesses.

Dibee brings comprehensive benefits to businesses thanks to the following preeminent features:

1. Disease prevention

With Dibee's intelligent electronic payment solution, drivers do not need to hold cash or paper vouchers, limiting the possibility of infection from direct contact.

Also, the Dibee system automatically updates receipts and vouchers after each transaction, limiting the spread of outbreaks from outside to within the enterprise.

Dibee electronic fuel card contributes to employee health

2. Saving fuel costs

In the context of the economic downturn predicted by the pandemic that will last until the end of 2020, business activities face many difficulties, the problem of cost reduction and resource optimization is the key strategy to help businesses survives and overcome the crisis.

Dibee is a pioneer payment card product in the solution of setting fuel norms for each type of vehicle, helping to minimize fraud and loss of business costs. Especially for transportation businesses, this is vital when fuel costs account for 35-40% of operating costs.

Dibee supports strict real-time fuel consumption management platform for each vehicle and driver

At the same time, Dibee supports monitoring and evaluation of fuel efficiency of each vehicle, the driver with separate records, and online real-time management software, helping businesses manage Manage fuel costs more closely and easily.

According to big businesses like DHL, Insee, Biti's ..., thanks to the automated monitoring and management features of Dibee, monthly fuel costs have been reduced by an average of 10-15% after a few months of applying the solution.

3. Optimize human resources

In a crisis, optimizing human resources is also a cost-saving solution worth considering. With Dibee smart solution, businesses can cut many jobs related to managing transportation costs, devoting resources to other important company jobs, specifically:

  • Employees do not have to collect and manage vouchers and invoices, reconcile debts, manually enter data with petrol stations thanks to the automatic updating of receipts and vouchers on the Dibee portal.

  • Employees do not have to collate and unify data with other departments and branches because the data has been stored on a single system that can be accessed online from any device.

  • Employees save time and effort making monthly fuel expense reports because they can extract detailed, visual reports from the online portal Dibee.

No more mountains of payment vouchers taking up space and storage resources

Thus, it can be seen that Dibee is a payment option with many advantages in the context of the social gap leading to strong growth in demand for non-contact payments in Vietnam.

However, with the great benefits that Dibee brings, this will be a long-term solution to the problem of optimizing operating procedures, saving costs, and significantly contributing to the digital transformation - The inevitable trend of enterprises in the 4.0 era and during the period of strong economic development of Vietnam.

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