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A Complete
Fuel Payment and Management Solution

Dibee’s simple, secure, customizable solutions help you manage your fuel costs so you can get on with the job of growing your business.

A user-friendly solution for optimizing and managing fleet refueling

DIBEE gives you total control over your fuel expenses, reduces costs and optimizes your fleet management

with just a few clicks. 


Set the driver’s profile and vehicle key parameters for greater control.

Accurately manage and control fleet expenses per driver and vehicle.


Monitor average fuel consumption for each vehicle in your fleet.


Access e-statements, e-invoices and reports to review fleet performance

A powerful integrated platform for you to stay in control and manage your fleet anywhere anytime 

Dibee’s web-based platform is your control center to manage your Dibee account anywhere, anytime.​

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All data are stored and analyzed in one

common platform

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Review, approve and analyze fuel expenses easily with the customized dashboard

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Quickly and easily generate accurate reports

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Different access rights can be assigned for your staff depending on their role.

Dibee Mobile App - Empower Secured Cashless Payments


Mobile app provides drivers with a secured way to make cashless payments at Dibee-affiliated gas stations.

The inclusion of real-time data tracking and monitoring features enables fleet managers to keep a closer eye on transactions and ensure fuel expense optimization.​

Dibee mobile app facilitates the collection of precise and dependable transaction data, comprising of vital insights to recognize potential patterns of concern in fuel consumption.​


Capture a picture of the odometer (ODO) prior to the transaction and automatically detect the odometer value.​




All the transaction history will be recorded into the web portal for expense controlling.

Capture the pump picture and finish transaction.


Dibee Smart Card - Enable Cashless Payments


A secure and powerful tool for drivers to make cashless payments at Dibee-affiliated gas stations. Fleet managers can also access and monitor activity allowing for greater security and data collection.

Smart fuel card Dibee Smart Card allows safer, more secure fuel transactions, at the same time provides completed and accurate transaction data.


The cards are personalized and linked to a driver and a vehicle for greater control of all transactions.


Drivers present Dibee smart fuel card with a pin code to perform a transaction


The gas station verifies the vehicle’s ID and the pre-programed fuel amount and completes the transaction


The transaction data and odometer reading is available on the Dibee web portal in real-time

See how Dibee helps logistics companies streamline their 
fleet expense payment and management

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Why Dibee

Quite simply, Dibee makes life easier for everyone involved in fleet operations.
It's a simple, secure, customizable solution that allows you to get on with growing a successful company.

  • Simplify management procedures with our 
    digital workflow


  • Secure mobile payment at the gas station with ODO recognition and GPS tracking

  • Monitor and control vehicle performance in real-time 
    with rich features


  • Detailed reports and e-invoices with 
    automatic reconciliation


  • Simple installation and usage, even for drivers

  • The large network of over 1000 gas stations to refuel your fleet anywhere

  • 24/7 customer support

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