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Creating A Foundation For Growth

With two decades of corporate service experience in enhancing productivity across Asia, We recognized the rapid growth of the Vietnamese economy, which necessitated technological solutions to bolster the pivotal logistics industry.


Dibee was born from this recognition, offering a transformative solution to revolutionize fuel expense management, cost reduction, and fleet optimization within a secure and transparent system. Beyond transaction management, it represents a strategic shift towards digital solutions, empowering businesses to enhance efficiency, and productivity, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Our platform simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of managing fleet fuel expenses, providing a fast, easy, and efficient solution.


Dibee's stringent and transparent record management also builds reputational assets, facilitating access to financial support for expansion. This foundation for growth extends beyond individual businesses to drive progress across entire industries and the nation's economy. At Dibee, we take pride in our role in Vietnam's digital transformation.

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