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Referral Program

Spread the word,
reap the rewards!

Whether you're a loyal customer, an active user, or intrigued by our service, you're the perfect advocate to share Dibee with friends, family, and business partners. Your personal experience, satisfaction, or interest in Dibee can be a powerful endorsement of our service. Join us in spreading value and receiving rewards!

How it works?


1 - Sign Up

Enroll by submitting the form.

After proceeding with the enrollment, you will receive an email from Dibee Team to confirm and verify your registration. You will sign the e-agreement to officially become an "Eligible Dibee Referrer".​

Step 2-Start-referral

2 - Make Referrals

To advocate Dibee with networks, you can utilize and transmit the template and Marketing collaterals provided in our communication kit to others via email, Zalo, or your

preferred channels.​


3 - Earn Reward

Dibee will grant the reward when your eligible referee becomes our

paying customer.​

Unlock generous rewards with every successful sale you refer!

Reward scheme-VI
Reward scheme-EN

Thanks for submitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Dibee pay the reward? ​

The reward is a one-off payment calculated from the revenue generated by the new customer and will be made within three months after acquiring that customer. For more details, please review the Reward scheme presented above.​

Who could be the ideal referees?​

Companies or organizations with fleets of all sizes from various industries, such as logistics, transportation, manufacturing, construction, FMCG, F&B, etc. are considered ideal referees.​

Why do I need to get the eligible referral status confirmation from Dibee Team before sending invitation?  ​

It is a crucial step to ensure that the referee has not already been contacted by Dibee or referred by someone else.

Can I receive my reward in cash?​

Unfortunately, bank transfer is the only payment option available.

Can I share the program with many people concurrently?  ​

Certainly, you are welcome to share the referral invitation with as many potential contacts as you have. However, only eligible referees will be accepted and rewarded by Dibee. An eligible referee refers to a company that has not yet been contacted by Dibee or had prior communication with our team.​

What if I start sharing the referees to Dibee Team without receiving the eligible referral status confirmation?  

In this case, the referees will not be active in your referral account. ​

How can I enroll in the Dibee Referral Program?  ​

To access the e-agreement, please follow the invitation email. You have to read and sign your e-signature. A PDF version of the agreement will be sent to confirm your eligibility.

What if my referee is not involved in the decision-making process?  ​

You can ask your referee to share your invitation with anyone who might be interested in evaluating the Dibee solution for their organization. By sharing the referred company and first point of contact's information to Dibee Team, eligible referees can be identified and credited to you. Please note that this is only applicable if the contact is first referred to by you. 

How will I be informed about the referral progress?  ​

The Dibee Team will keep you informed about the referral progress of each referee, from the first time our Sales Team contacted them, the contract signing status, to the prospective date and amount of reward payment. ​

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