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Sustainability Tools for
Fleet Owners, 3PL Providers, and 

Pioneering GHG emissions measurement, reporting, and certification. We follow the GLEC framework protocol to provide accurate data, guiding you toward strategies to neutralize, offset, and decarbonize emissions. Specially designed for the Vietnam market.


Start at no cost. Customizable, scalable, and user-friendly.

Why dibee

Comply with the GLEC Framework using local inputs – aligned with Global Logistics Emissions Council standards.

Our neutral position as an intermediary ensures transparent and accurate data, resulting in trustworthy calculations.

Domain expertise with 09 years of serving major transportation and logistics companies.

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How it works

Emissions measurement and reporting

Easily calculate vehicle emissions using technology and a comprehensive data collection system. Generate instant reports to meet your sustainability goals.

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Proof your positive environmental impact

Receive certifications for each carbon offset, neutralization, and decarbonization issued by Dibee, adhering to the GLEC framework and recognized both nationally and globally.

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Address unavoidable emissions with verified offsets 

Take proactive steps to address unavoidable emissions by purchasing high-quality, verified offsets,

starting from as little as 1 tonne.

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Attract new clients

and foster loyalty

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Gain a competitive edge in tenders and branding by leading the way in adopting robust ESG practices.

Be regulation-ready

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Ensure compliance with upcoming sustainability regulations and stay ahead of stakeholder expectations for yourself, your vendors, and your clients. Avoid financial penalties and be audit-ready with Dibee's support.

Tailored solutions for responsible leadership

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Our solutions adapt different business sizes and requirements, seamlessly fitting into your current operations and future strategies. Dibee ensures that your environmental actions are effective and seamlessly integrated into your overall business strategy.

We are currently helping over 200 companies

optimize their fleet management and aim to support them

with comprehensive ESG practices. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is dibee and how can Dibee provide this solution? 

    dibee is an expense payment and management solution that helps companies of all scales digitalize their fleet operations. Leveraging our domain expertise and extensive database of customers' fleets, we aim to offer additional fleet-related modules and beyond, supporting our customers in their sustainability goals. 

  2. Who can benefit from dibee 's solutions? 

    Our solutions are designed for fleet owners,​ 3PL providers, and carriers. We cater to businesses of any size, providing adaptable and customizable services to meet your specific needs and future strategies. 

  3. What are verified offsets and how do they work? 

    Verified offsets are high-quality carbon credits representing reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. You can purchase these offsets starting from as little as 1 tonne to compensate for your unavoidable emissions, empowering your business and stakeholders to contribute to environmental sustainability. 

  4. How are dibee's certifications recognized? 

    Our carbon offset, neutralization, and decarbonization certifications follow the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework. This is a leading global framework for harmonizing logistics emissions calculation and reporting across the supply chain. This alignment ensures that our certifications meet international standards and are recognized nationally and globally, providing credibility and trustworthiness to your sustainability efforts.

  5. What makes dibee different from other sustainability service providers?  

    dibee is a pioneering fleet expense payment and management solution in Vietnam, specializing in road transportation. We offer a unique combination of advanced technology and comprehensive data integration with various partners. Built on over 9 years of domain expertise, dibee stands out by supporting companies in their sustainability goals with reliable data, thorough calculations, and actionable insights for improvement.

  6. How can I get started with dibee?  

    You can easily start COMPLETELY FOR FREE by submitting a form as instructed above or dropping us an email at Our team will guide you through the process and help you begin your journey towards sustainable operations. 

  7. What specific data does dibee collect for emissions measurement? 

    dibee collects comprehensive data on vehicle operations, fuel consumption, mileage, and other relevant metrics from your fleet and integrates it with our system. This data is then used to accurately calculate GHG emissions, following the GLEC framework for approval and trustworthiness. 

  8. Are there any ongoing costs associated with Dibee's services? 

    While there are no set-up fees, ongoing costs will depend on the specific services and modules you choose to use. Our team can provide a detailed cost breakdown based on your needs. 

  9. Can Dibee's solutions be customized for specific industry requirements and characteristics?

    Yes, di
    bee's solutions are highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of different industries. Whether you are in logistics, manufacturing, passenger transportation, or any other sector, our team can tailor our services to suit your specific operational needs with the best price and dedicated support.

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