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Coach Fleet

A Complete
Fuel Payment and Management Solution

Dibee offers a simple, secure, customizable solution tailored to effectively manage your fuel costs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

A User-Friendly Solution

Simplifying Fleet Refueling Management

Gain complete control over your fuel expenses, reduce costs, and optimize fleet management with just a few clicks.


Customize driver profiles and vehicle parameters for enhanced control.

Accurately manage and monitor fleet expenses per driver and vehicle.


Monitor average fuel consumption for each vehicle in your fleet.


Access e-statements, e-invoices and reports to review fleet performance

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Empower Control Anytime, Anywhere

Dibee’s web-based platform is your control center, enabling seamless management of your Dibee account from any location, at any time.


Centralized storage and analysis of all data on one platform.


Rapid generation of accurate reports with ease.


Effortlessly review, approve, and analyze fuel expenses via the customized dashboard.


Assign different access rights to your staff based on their roles.

dibee Mobile App: Empower Secure Cashless Payments


 The mobile app offers drivers a secure way to conduct cashless transactions at Dibee-affiliated gas stations.​Real-time tracking and monitoring features allow fleet managers to closely oversee transactions, ensuring optimal fuel expense management.​


The app facilitates the collection of precise and dependable transaction data, comprising of vital insights to recognize potential patterns of concern in fuel consumption.​​


Capture a picture of the odometer (ODO) before the transaction, and let the system automatically detect the odometer value.


Capture the pump picture to complete the transaction.


All transaction history is recorded in the web portal for expense control.

How dibee helps logistics companies streamline their fleet expense payment and management

Why dibee

Dibee simplifies fleet operations for everyone involved, offering a simple, secure, customizable solution that allows you to focus on growing your company.

  • Simplify management procedures with our 
    digital workflow


  • Ensure secure mobile payments at gas stations with ODO recognition and GPS tracking.

  • Monitor and control vehicle performance in real-time with  comprehensive features

  • Access detailed reports and e-invoices with 
    automatic reconciliation


  • Enjoy easy installation and usage, even for drivers. 

  • Benefit from our extensive network of over 1000 gas stations for fleet refueling

  • 24/7 customer support

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