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Integrated Fleet Fuel Management and
Payment Solution

Dibee is an integrated platform that offers real-time fleet fuel management and secure digital payment solution.​

Stay in control of your fleet fuel activities with a single integrated platform.

Dibee is an online platform accessible from any device where you can manage your fleet expenses and securely facilitate e-payments.


Dibee provides everyone, from individual drivers to fleet managers, finance departments, and owners, with data accuracy, transparency

and simplicity of use.​

Efficiently managing your fleet fueling, saving costs, and optimizing operations have become more convenient and secure than ever.​

Dibee provides a trustworthy system and customization options specific to your business requirements.​

as 1, 2, 3

Our specialists will make sure your team doesn't miss a beat when adopting Dibee. Simply log in to your account and navigate easily with our user-friendly interface and logical structure of functions and tools.

Work smarter,
not harder

As all data are stored and analyzed in one common platform, you only need a few clicks to generate accurate reports, truly reflecting your fleet operation.

your costs

Drivers are no longer in charge of payment as expenses are approved and processed by fleet managers via our online platform. You can also detect any abnormal activity or excessive fuel usage.


Peace Of Mind

With Dibee, you know when and where your fuel expenditures are going. You can rest easily because you finally have transparency and efficiency in your fleet fuel management processes.

Minimize Paperwork

As all data are stored on one common platform, you only need a few clicks to generate accurate reports. Dibee erases admin costs by minimizing paperwork and facilitating transaction approval, including efficient VAT invoice collection.


Be In Control

Dibee makes managing a regional or national fleet simple by giving you total cost control in any situation. Review, approve and analyze your fuel expenses easily with our customized dashboard and other exclusive features.

Back On The Road - Faster

Drivers do not need to be accountable for cash or paper vouchers when making fuel purchases, or waste time waiting around for paper invoices. The efficient process means drivers spend more time where they should be on the road.


Simple And Efficient

Reconciling accounts has never been so easy. Dibee eliminates discrepancies with a consistent database and accurate analysis. No matter the size of the fleet, reconciliation and calculation need never be time-consuming or stressful again.