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Integrated Fleet Fuel Management and
Payment Solution

Fast and secure digital payment

Real-time fuel management

Streamline Fleet Fuel Management with dibee Integrated Platform

Dibee offers a single online platform accessible from any device, empowering you to
efficiently manage your fleet expenses and securely process e-payments.

From drivers to fleet managers, finance departments, and owners,
Dibee ensures data accuracy, transparency, and user-friendly simplicity.

Experience the convenience and security of efficiently managing your fleet fueling,
saving costs, and optimizing operations with Dibee.

Dibee provides a trustworthy system with tailored customization to suit your unique business needs.

Steering Wheel Controls

Simplify with Ease

Our specialists ensure seamless adoption of Dibee for your team. Simply log in to your account and effortlessly navigate through our user-friendly interface and logical structure of functions and tools.

Efficiency Redefined

With all data stored and analyzed in one platform, generate accurate reports with just a few clicks, providing true insights into your fleet operations.

Drive Cost Savings

Take control of expenses as fleet managers approve and process payments via our platform. Detect and address abnormal activity or excessive fuel usage with ease.


Peace Of Mind

With Dibee, you can gain clarity on fuel expenditures, ensuring transparency and efficiency in fuel management processes.

Minimize Paperwork

Simplify reporting with Dibee's centralized platform, minimizing paperwork and administrative costs. Easily generate accurate reports and facilitate transaction approvals, including efficient VAT invoice collection.


Be In Control

Dibee empowers you to effortlessly manage regional or national fleets, maintaining total cost control in any scenario. Review, approve, and analyze fuel expenses with ease using our customized dashboard and exclusive features.

Back On The Road - Faster

Dibee eliminates the need for drivers to handle cash or paper vouchers, streamlining fuel purchases and invoice processes. With Dibee's efficiency, drivers spend more time on the road where they belong.


Simple And Efficient

Reconcile accounts effortlessly with Dibee's consistent database and accurate analysis, regardless of fleet size. Say goodbye to time-consuming and stressful reconciliation and calculation processes.

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See why Green Leaf Vietnam chooses dibee

500+ vehicles

10% fuel cost saved

100% digital payment

AUTOMATED workflow with


Empower 200+ customers to streamline their
fuel expense management,
driving acceleration and optimization.

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Customer Testimonials

"Dibee system and web portal assist us effectively manage and control fleet performance, including average fuel consumption and efficiency of individual vehicles. It's a cost-effective and time-saving solution." 

Mr.Benjamin Goodwin, Head of Procurement Insee Vietnam 

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