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Transform Your Fleet's Fuel Payment and Management

Whether you're a Business OwnerFleet Manager, Accountant, or Driver, dibee offers tailored features for your needs. 

All your concerns regarding fleet fuel payment and management will be effortlessly solved!

Dibee mobile app

Safety is guaranteed when used at gas stations.

100% e-payment via mobile, eliminating cash-related risks and fraud. 


Easily locate affiliated gas stations for convenient refueling. 

Enhance managerial oversight with efficient monitoring capabilities. 

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Mobile app

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Web portal screenshots
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Web portal

Automate and customize management processes

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Vehicle and Driver setup. 

Expense monitoring and detection of abnormal transactions. 

Download all invoices in one click. 

Leverage insights to maximize fleet performance

Optimize fuel limits compared to actual consumption. 

Identify drivers or vehicles that are under or over-performing. 

Drive efficiency and profitability through real-time data insights.


dibee Introduction

Our customers talk about dibee

Phản hồi từ khách hàng của Dibee | Green Leaf Việt Nam - Công ty thuộc lĩnh vực cho thuê xe
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500+ vehicles

10% fuel cost saved

100% digital payment

detection and elimination

AUTOMATED workflow

Vietnam Post logo

Vietnam Post - HCMC

Mr. Quang Anh Pham, Operation Manager

"By switching to Dibee, HCMC Post's fuel costs decreased by an average of 7%. The transition from paper-based vouchers, pre-paid payments, and fuel bills to a centralized digital solution brought us remarkable results. All transactions and documents are automatically updated and recorded, leading us to a centralized management model with Dibee as a focal point." 
Insee logo

Insee Vietnam

Mr. Benjamin Goodwin, Head of Procurement

"Dibee system and web portal assist us effectively manage and control fleet performance, including average fuel consumption and efficiency of individual vehicles. It's a cost-effective and time-saving solution."
SG Safety Vina

 CJ – SG Saftey Vina

Mr. Trong Khang Vu, Operation Manager

"The SG Vina team has embraced the Dibee mobile app for the entire fleet across the country. Over the past few months, we have consistently witnessed a saving on our fuel expenses when compared to the previous limitations set at around 50 million VND. As a result, we have decided to utilize these cost savings as a bonus for all of our drivers, aiming to encourage and motivate them even further."

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