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5 tools for enhancing fleet management efficiency

As fleets grow in size, managing tasks becomes increasingly time-consuming and labor-intensive, even the simplest ones.

Here are 5 tools that can streamline fleet management, as recommended by Dibee:

1. Organize documents systematically

Organizing management files and reports systematically allows for easy search and access to information when needed.

Assigning identification numbers to vehicles according to a consistent rule, such as using the last 5 digits of the VIN, can be advantageous.

The purpose of VIN numbers is to provide comprehensive vehicle information, including compatible spare parts and other details. Therefore, managing vehicles by VIN number is a smart and convenient management approach.

đội xe tại bãi xe

2. Utilize sticky notes

For those accustomed to traditional management methods, using sticky notes on your workspace to indicate the current status of each vehicle, such as those under maintenance or in transit, can be helpful. You can also jot down any issues that need addressing to avoid forgetting or overlooking them.

giấy nhớ sticky notes

3. Set reminder schedules

Set up reminders on your phone or computer for common management tasks to stay proactive in your work, such as maintenance schedules, inspection deadlines, insurance renewal dates, and regular vehicle checks.

These are all important tasks that need to be handled promptly to avoid unexpected costs for the business.

4. Communicate effectively with drivers

After briefing drivers on issues related to their assigned vehicles, managers need to ensure effective communication methods with drivers on a daily basis to quickly update information and devise timely solutions when issues arise.

5. Implement digital management tools

Digitizing processes and management methods is an investment that brings many benefits, such as reducing human resource costs and time required for manual processes, while effectively controlling fuel costs.

Dibee is the solution that can help businesses achieve these benefits through its integrated multi-functional fleet cost management, automating manual tasks such as invoice collection and document reconciliation, ensuring expense transparency through real-time monitoring, intuitive reporting systems, and customizable options to provide in-depth analysis of fleet conditions and improvement strategies tailored to the business's needs.


Dibee has consistently assisted over 200 customers with varied fleet sizes, including notable names like DHL, Vietnam Post, CJ - SG Safety Vina, Green Leaf Vietnam, Bitis', and many more, in tackling fuel cost-related challenges.

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