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Celebrate Positive Feedback After 3-Month PVOIL Easy and Dibee Integration Deployment across Vietnam

Connexion Vietnam, a leading SaaS provider specializing in fleet expense payment and management solutions, is thrilled to report promising results following the successful 3-month implementation of an integrated technology linking Dibee – its fleet expense payment and management platform – with the PVOIL Easy cashless payment program at a national scale.

The technical integration officially rolled out on September 9th, 2023, signifies an enhanced partnership with Petro Vietnam Oil Corporation (PVOIL), a leading fuel in Vietnam. The collaboration is designed to streamline the fueling customer experience of both entities across the country.

Dibee, established in 2015, has been at the forefront of digitalizing fleet fuel expense payment and management processes for businesses. Through its partnership with PVOIL, Dibee has effectively broadened its refueling locations to over 1,000 gas stations nationwide. This expansion provides customers with more options and convenience, especially in remote areas. On the other hand, Dibee is excited to provide a real-time fuel expense management solution, empowered by customizable reports and analytics. This digital offering supports PVOIL's corporate customers by facilitating fleet digitization, streamlining payment operations, and effectively managing fuel expenses.

PVOIL, founded in 2008, is renowned for its extensive network of fuel stations and the provision of high-quality fuel. The partnership with Dibee signifies PVOIL’s commitment to digital transformation. This collaboration aims to enhance the customer experience by providing cashless payment options and advanced fuel expense capabilities.

PVOIL x Dibee Partnership_EN

"The partnership with PVOIL signifies a significant achievement for Dibee, and we are thrilled to collaborate with such a respected organization. The integration is focused on enhancing the payment experience and fuel cost management for customers of both entities, ultimately aiming to drive cost savings and improved efficiency in fleet management operations," stated Thomas Beurthey, Founder and Managing Director at Connexion Vietnam.

Following the implementation of the integration, which enabled fuel payments at PVOIL gas stations through the Dibee mobile application for three months, feedback from customer representatives across various industries has been gathered to assess their service usage experience.

Representatives from SG Safety Vina and Green Leaf Vietnam car rental companies in the Northern region, Mr. Anh Duy and in the Southern region, Mr. Phan Tan, have reported positive feedback regarding the utilization of the PVOIL Easy payment network for fuel expenses at PVOIL gas stations. They highlighted the ease of transaction execution for drivers, particularly noting that older drivers swiftly adapted to cashless payments via the Dibee mobile application. The integration of Dibee into the PVOIL Easy network has expanded fueling options for drivers, eliminating restrictions to pre-contracted gas stations and allowing refueling at any PVOIL station along their route.

PVOIL x Dibee Partnership - Customer testimonials_EN

In alignment with the above perspective, Mr. Thanh Hung, fleet management representative of SG Safety Vina in the Southern region, expressed, "Previously, when customers booked vehicles for inter-provincial travel, I would have to search in advance for suitable affiliated gas stations in the Dibee network along the drivers’ route. Now, it's much more convenient as drivers can refuel at any PVOIL station. Additionally, PVOIL's gas stations are easy to find."

Customer feedback and suggestions hold crucial importance in Dibee's ongoing endeavors to enhance service quality and system efficiency. With the positive results obtained, it is anticipated that soon, more Dibee and PVOIL customers will adopt this technology integration for making fuel payments and managing expenses, thereby reaping its significant benefits.

For further information about Dibee and its partnership with PVOIL, please visit the article Dibee and PVOIL Join Forces to Expand Digital Fuel Payment Solution with PVOIL Easy Program



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