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Dibee and PVOIL Join Forces to Expand Digital Fuel Payment Solution with PVOIL Easy Program

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with PVOIL, one of the largest fuel providers in Vietnam. Through a seamless technical integration between Dibee mobile app and PVOIL Easy mobile app, we aim to enhance the fueling experience for both our parties’ customers.

Since day one, Dibee has always provided our customers with seamless and improved solutions and services. Therefore, our partnership with PVOIL marks a significant milestone for Dibee development, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to enhancing customer value propositions. By teaming up with PVOIL, we have expanded our network to over 1,000 gas stations across Vietnam. This allows our customers to conveniently and securely fuel up at any PVOIL gas station using Dibee mobile app.

Furthermore, our partnership goes beyond just payment facilitation. Dibee also offers comprehensive fuel expense management, providing real-time data, dashboards, and insightful reports to help PVOIL corporate customers optimize their operations.

PVOIL Easy x Dibee partnership

About Connextion Vietnam and Dibee solution:

Connexion Vietnam is a technology company with foreign investment (FDI) that has been active in the Vietnamese market since 2015. The company is dedicated to developing a cutting-edge technology solution called Dibee, which is designed to serve businesses in their journey toward digitizing their fleet operations.

Dibee is a leading technology solution (SaaS) that empowers companies by streamlining their fleet's fuel expense payment and management. Moreover, Dibee solution includes an integrated e-wallet that is licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam, ensuring the utmost safety and security for all transactions.

Dibee solution consists of two components:

  1. A comprehensive web portal designed for business owners, fleet management team, and accounting department. This portal allows users to effectively manage and monitor fuel transactions.

  2. A simple but powerful mobile application specifically designed for drivers. This app enables drivers to make cashless fuel payments.

We have served more than 200 customers owning over 5000 vehicles, from diverse industries, including logistics, transportation, car rental, manufacturing, production, and F&B, since our establishment.

About PVOIL and PVOIL Easy program:

PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PVOIL) is a subsidiary of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN). Renowned for its dense coverage of stations and high-quality fuel, PVOIL is one of Vietnam’s most trusted fuel providers. As the leading company in the market, PVOIL has embraced the digital transformation wave to enhance customer experience. To achieve this goal, via the PVOIL Easy program, the company has formed partnerships with prestigious banks, fintech, and technology companies, enabling them to digitize their customers' payment methods. Dibee is honored to serve as the trusted payment partner for PVOIL as they continue their journey of developing and serving customers.

The official launch of our technical integration on September 09th, 2023 marks the beginning of a fruitful partnership between Dibee and PVOIL. We are excited to provide ours and PVOIL's customers with a seamless and digital fueling experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to strive towards revolutionizing fleet expense payment and management in Vietnam.

To obtain further information regarding the technical integration and the activation process for cashless payments at PVOIL stations, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team via the following contact details:


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