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Dibee Announces Our Sponsorship of the Logistics Development Link Economic Growth Forum 2023

We're honored to announce that Dibee will participate in the prestigious logistics development link economic growth forum - Development in the Southeast 2023 as a sponsor and exhibitor. The event is scheduled for September 8th and takes place in the vibrant city of Ba Ria - Vung Tau. As a dynamic logistics company, we recognize the value of this forum as an outstanding opportunity to gain insights from industry experts and demonstrate our unwavering dedication to fostering the growth of the Southeast region's economy.

We are enthusiastic about engaging in discussions regarding the strategic direction of logistics development and identifying bottlenecks within the industry. Through these conversations, we aim to identify opportunities for fostering regional linkages, enhancing the efficiency of supply chains, and expanding investment opportunities to develop the Cai Mep Ha logistics center and post-port infrastructure.

In addition to sharing our expertise, we look forward to networking with other industry leaders and innovators to exchange insights and explore potential partnerships. This forum is expected to gather over 500 delegates, including representatives from ministries, departments, and associations as well as national media agencies, together with leaders from logistics and import-export enterprises.

Ba Ria - Vung Tau province and the Southeast economic region have emerged as crucial economic hubs in Vietnam, offering immense development opportunities. Having decided to sponsor and exhibit at the forum, we believe that by contributing to the development of supply chain ecosystem, we can help promote sustainable and efficient growth through technology while improving customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Dibee participates in the prestigious logistics development link economic growth forum - Development in the Southeast 2023

At our 10th booth, we'll be showcasing our innovative SaaS solution – Dibee, providing companies in Vietnam with the ability to revolutionize their fleet expense payment and management. We are helping over 200+ businesses across various industries to professionally manage their fleets. Our platform offers:

  • A smart hub for business owners/fleet managers - monitoring the fleet’s transactions in real-time efficiently, viewing and evaluating reports to make timely changes, quickly reconciling documents and invoices, etc.

  • A mobile app/smart card for drivers - making cashless payments via a built-in e-wallet, reducing the risk of fraud and the necessity of cash in advance.

Once again, we hope that the event will achieve tremendous success. Connexion Vietnam is delighted to participate in the logistics development link economic growth forum - Development in the Southeast 2023. We are eager to establish meaningful connections with businesses across various industries and share our values.


For further details on how Dibee can save your fuel costs and streamline your fleet operations, feel free to get in touch with us through:

  • Business line: (028) 73 03 66 99

  • Email:

  • Share with us your contact and requirements HERE


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