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Leverage Technology and Strategic Measures for Cost Reduction in Transportation

In 2022, the transportation industry, particularly trucking, faced unprecedented operational cost increases, with per-kilometer costs exceeding $1.24. This trend, driven by escalating fuel prices and other operational expenses, has catalyzed a shift towards efficiency-focused strategies. In Vietnam, the implementation of technology-driven cost-saving strategies is currently underway and was the focal point of the recent hybrid workshop "FLEET FUTURES Cutting-Edge Cost Reduction in Transportation". The event was organized on December 15, 2023, by CEL Consulting with the backing of Connexion Vietnam and Vietnam Supply Chain.


The event showcased business owners and industry experts, with presentations by Mr. Andrea Tretti, Consulting Director at CEL Consulting and Mr. Duc Lam, Nguyen, Customer Success Manager at Connexion Vietnam. Their insights into breakthrough strategies for reducing transportation costs amidst unprecedented operational challenges in the trucking industry. The focus was on practical, impactful ways to drive down fleet operation costs through technology-driven measures. 


Mr. Andrea Tretti's Presentation - "Vehicle Route Optimization" 

Andrea delved into the topic of “Vehicle Route Optimization”, providing a deep exploration and definitions for the audiences. He highlighted the benefits that dynamic optimization through automated tools, such as SIMCEL Deliver, can bring to companies. The comparison between manual/static routes and dynamic optimization, as well as the daily route planning challenges, provided a comprehensive understanding of the landscape. He also conducted a quick demo to showcase how SIMCEL Deliver automates route optimization, ensuring the audience could grasp the concept and its practical application.

CEL-Consulting-MrAndrea Tretti-Presentation

Mr. Duc Lam Nguyen's Presentation - "Digital Transformation in Fuel Management" 

Lam shared insightful facts about the significance of fuel costs within the total operating transportation expenses, accounting for around 35-45%. Emphasizing the key role of saving fuel costs in optimizing transportation expenses, he meticulously detailed the traditional manual processes for fuel management. In addition, he contrasted this with the modern approach using Dibee - the digital fleet expense payment and management solution, focusing on fuel cost optimization. Lam also sheds light on the key factors impacting fuel efficiency and how Dibee can significantly assist fleet-owning companies in addressing these factors. The presentation included a straightforward demonstration of how Dibee functions, along with positive results gained from customer case studies.


>>> Watch the recording of Lam’s presentation: 

For the full recording of this event, click HERE. 

We hope that the presentations by Andrea and Lam have provided our audience with profound perspectives and actionable methods to drive down fleet operation costs through technology-driven measures, serving as reliable references for your 2024 preparations.


At Connexion Vietnam, we remain committed to contributing to the business community by facilitating similar thought leadership workshops, delivering profound insights into supply chain management, and fostering industry excellence.

Thank you for joining us at "FLEET FUTURES - Cutting-Edge Cost Reduction in Transportation" and we look forward to continuing our collective journey together! 




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