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Managing employee fuel allowance efficiently with Dibee: A modern technology solution for diverse demands and industries

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effectively managing fleet operation expenses, particularly fuel costs, poses a significant challenge for companies across various industries, not just those in logistics and transportation. Recently, we've noticed an increasing demand from companies seeking a reliable way to manage their employees' monthly fuel usage, whether for job-related travel or as an employee benefit. This article will explore how Dibee meets these demands and its advantages over traditional methods.

Overview of Dibee solution

Dibee is designed to simplify fleet fuel expense management, seamlessly integrating a mobile app for cashless payments and a web portal for real-time management.


1. Mobile app

  • Safety and convenience: The mobile app ensures safe transactions at gas stations, reducing the risk of fire hazards and eliminating the need for cash, thus minimizing fraud and theft.

  • Wide network: Drivers can easily find a convenient gas station along their route, with over 1,000 affiliated stations across Vietnam. This number continues to grow as we strive to provide even greater convenience for our customers throughout their journey.

  • Enhanced oversight: The app offers more than just payment functionality. Fleet owners, managers, or even lower admin levels like supervisors can monitor all transactions in real-time through the web portal. This is facilitated by the immediate data synchronization from the mobile app to the portal, ensuring transparency and control. 

2. Web portal

  • Automation and customization: Automate management processes by reducing manual admin tasks and customize settings for vehicles and drivers, allowing flexible assignments.

  • Expense monitoring: Detect abnormal transactions and take immediate action, such as suspending refueling rights for further investigation.

  • Effectively manage and retrieve invoices and documents: Dibee serves as an intermediary by connecting all business's fuel suppliers and consistently gathering all transaction-related invoices and documents into our system. This makes downloading all invoices a matter of just a few clicks, saving significant time and reducing errors in invoice collection and document reconciliation.

  • Performance insights: Optimize fuel limits, identify under or over-performing vehicles and drivers, and improve drive efficiency through real-time data insights.

Specific use cases for Dibee solution

Recent inquiries and detailed discussions with some companies in the retail, manufacturing, and technology sectors have highlighted two primary scenarios where we find Dibee stands out as an ideal solution:

1. Fuel allowance that facilitates job-related fuel usage

Companies need to manage fuel expenses for employees who frequently travel for work, such as Sales Representatives and Technical staff. The Dibee mobile app enables seamless e-payments and real-time monitoring. The synchronization between the mobile app and web portal allows managers, primarily from the HR or Admin team, to track expenses accurately.


Dibee's extensive network of affiliated gas stations benefits employees traveling to distant provinces. Unlike the large state-owned networks, which may not cover all areas, Dibee's connections with local private gas stations ensure that refueling needs are met in these regions, especially the remote and rural areas.


2. Fuel allowance is among employee benefits

Some companies offer a fixed monthly fuel allowance as a perk, varying based on employees' job levels. With Dibee, managing allowances is simple. Managers can easily set and adjust allowance levels for each employee within the system. Employees can use their allowances for personal vehicles and even those of their relatives, as long as they stay within the designated limit.

With its flexible customization capability, Dibee can have new features that meet diverse customer needs.


Traditional methods vs. Dibee: A comparison




Payment format

Cash advances, credit/debit fuel cards, or added directly to salary.

Mobile app. Managers can customize expense limits per user/vehicle. The app enables users to search for the nearest gas stations.

One mobile app can be used to refuel multiple vehicles.

Gas station network

Limited to refueling at specific gas stations within the merchant's network issued the card/app.

In many cases, when using a credit or debit card, users can conveniently pay at various gas stations, regardless of the fuel supplier

1,000+ stations across Vietnam, partnering with both state-owned and local fuel merchants such as Petrolimex, PVOIL, SFC, HFC, Thalexim, Tin Nghia, etc. 


Specifically, Dibee will tailor and recommend a gas station map to customers that aligns with their fleet's typical routes and will acquire new stations to the network as per customer demand. 


Limited features, mostly payment-focused

Besides the payment function, there is a comprehensive set of management and monitoring features, including real-time data synchronization.


Card issuance fee

Some banks may require additional fees for card usage and account maintenance.

The monthly subscription fee is for activated vehicles only.


Depending on the providers, the customer service will typically operate during regular business hours and is limited to certain support categories.

Adhering to SaaS standards, offer customers with:

  • Comprehensive onboarding activities

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Regular business reviews aimed at optimizing ROI and tailoring the product to meet specific requirements

Cost-saving calculation

Consider this example when company A providing a 2 million VND monthly fuel allowance to Ms. Mai, a Senior Training Executive with a net salary of 20 million VND:

  • SCENARIO 1 - Add the allowance to her salary directly: Ms. Mai’s total taxable income includes this fuel allowance. Although the company doesn't have to pay insurance on this allowance, this traditional method results in missing out on VAT refunds for her actual allowance spending.

  • SCENARIO 2 - Using Dibee: The company pays Ms. Mai a net salary of 18 million VND, managing the fuel allowance through Dibee. This enables a 10% VAT refund on the fuel allowance and potential savings if the allowance is not fully utilized. For instance, if Ms. Mai only spends 1.8 million VND on fuel in a month, the company saves the unused allowance of 200,000 VND and still qualifies for the VAT refund on the used 1.8 million. This results in substantial annual savings, applicable to all employees benefiting from this perk.

This updated comparison table, as of 2024, provides a comprehensive breakdown of the total expenses and losses that you, as an employer, will incur in both scenarios:

TOTAL EXPENSES by Employer (in VND)


Add the allowance to the salary directly

SCENARIO 2: Paid via Dibee

Employee’s NET TAKE HOME


18.000.000  (+ 2.000.000 fuel allowance)


20.670.391 (+ 2.000.000 fuel allowance) = 22.670.391


Fuel allowance



All kinds of insurance (21,5%), including:

  • Social insurance (17%)

  • Labour Accident and Occupational Disease Insurance (0,5%)

  • Health insurance (3%)

  • Unemployed insurance (1%)




10% VAT refund of the actual fuel allowance used

(assumed that the fuel allowance is fully utilized, the tax refund will be equal to 200.000 VND).

==> Loss 200.000 VND

NO LOSS, as the 10% VAT refund on the actual fuel allowance is applicable since this amount is considered a company expense.




In summary, Dibee offers a modern, efficient solution for purchasing and managing employees' fuel expenses, providing substantial advantages over traditional methods. By integrating advanced e-payment capabilities with robust management tools, supported by a dedicated and experienced customer service team, Dibee helps companies save time, reduce costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Interested in learning more about how Dibee can transform your company's fuel expense management? Contact our Sales team via phone, email, or submit a contact form. We will get in touch with you shortly!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How secure is the Dibee mobile app?

Dibee ensures that transactions comply with fire safety regulations at gas stations. Additionally, e-transactions made through Dibee are managed by the State Bank of Vietnam and protected with advanced security technology.

2. Can Dibee be used for both personal and business fuel expenses?

Yes, Dibee allows for flexible management of fuel allowances, making it suitable for both work-related and personal use. Additionally, if a company does not strictly manage the allowance and allows employees to share it with relatives or acquaintances, Dibee's customizable features can accommodate this.

Although our default solution is designed to limit fuel expenses to the assigned employee or a high-level executive’s personal driver, ensuring the expense is used for business purposes rather than personal gain, we can swiftly adjust Dibee to suit diverse demands after identifying this need.

3. What if we just need to facilitate flexible e-payments for our employees and do not have management needs? How does Dibee stand out from other fuel payment solutions in the market?

As a lean technology company, we can easily customize our solution to meet specific customer requirements and management practices. Even if customers are primarily interested in the payment function, we have compelling selling points that make us highly competitive. As the comparison table demonstrates, Dibee offers a large and diverse network of gas stations, including those in rural areas where major state-owned stations might not exist.

As a SaaS provider, we are committed to ongoing customer support. Dibee prides itself on quick, dedicated, and effective 24/7 customer service, which sets us apart from other providers.

4. What types of companies benefit most from Dibee?

In addition to our traditional customers in logistics and transportation, companies in the FMCG, agriculture, manufacturing, services, and technology sectors that own fleets can greatly benefit from Dibee. These companies can effectively manage their employees' fuel usage and expenses, and those offering comprehensive employee benefit packages find Dibee particularly advantageous.


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