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SG Safety Vina's Endorsement of Dibee Fleet Expense Payment and Management Solution

Empowering fleet expense payment and management with innovative technology solutions has been at the core of Connexion Vietnam's vision. In this narrative of success, we spotlight our digital solution, Dibee, and its collaborative partnership with SG Safety Vina, a subsidiary of CJ Vietnam renowned in the Vietnamese car rental industry.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to SG Safety Vina for their staunch support. The honor of having the Dibee logo emblazoned on their fleet stands as an ode to the value our solution imparts. From substantial fuel cost savings to reinforced fraud detection and streamlined administration, Dibee has been instrumental in propelling SG Safety Vina's operational excellence. SG Safety Vina's influential embrace of Dibee underscores their commitment to contributing to the sustainable growth of their industry specifically and fleet-related industries in general. We can say that their positive corporate philosophy of advocating and sharing proven technology like Dibee amplifies our shared vision for constructive progress within the business community.

Dibee logo on SG Safety Vina's fleet across Vietnam

The recognition and support from valued customers like SG Safety Vina serve as catalysts for continuous innovation and enhancement within Dibee. This not only gears us towards delivering streamlined services to customers but also nourishes the collaborative ambition to elevate Dibee's entire business ecosystem. Once again, we express our gratitude for the trust and support extended by esteemed customers like SG Safety Vina. As this collaboration continues to thrive, we remain committed to advancing fleet expense payment and management practices toward businesses’ seamless efficiency and sustainable growth.


  • Discover more about the Dibee solution

  • For further details about car rental services offered by SG Safety Vina, please reach out to Mr. Trong Khang, Vu – Operations Manager via email: or hotline: 0988029111.


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