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6 metrics you need to master for effective fleet management

To effectively manage a fleet, mastering the following 6 critical metrics is essential:

1. The traveled kilometers

Well-maintained vehicles consume less fuel and experience fewer breakdowns. To achieve this, maintaining a regular maintenance schedule to monitor your fleet's condition is imperative.

Establishing an appropriate maintenance schedule involves recording the daily mileage of each vehicle. Alternatively, you can utilize transportation software with automated data collection features to track mileage and remind you of maintenance deadlines.

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2. Vehicle inspection report

Daily inspection of all vehicles after completing their journeys is essential to assess their condition and identify any issues for timely repair.

This practice helps prevent vehicle breakdowns on the road, which could disrupt journeys and impact business productivity.

3. Fuel costs

Fuel consumption and fuel costs per kilometer are key indicators of vehicle and driver efficiency. Based on this data, you can evaluate the need for fuel-efficient driving skills training for drivers.

Additionally, leveraging intelligent fuel management solutions like Dibee enables easy identification of drivers who may not be honest about their fuel consumption.

4. Maintenance time

The longer the maintenance time, the greater the disruption costs for the business. Therefore, recording maintenance start and completion dates is crucial.

For businesses with their own maintenance garage, this data helps evaluate the efficiency of mechanics. If outsourcing maintenance, it assists in selecting a reputable vendor.


5. Asset utilization efficiency

Maximizing the use of owned assets is crucial.

Data on daily mileage for each vehicle helps identify underutilized vehicles for potential liquidation if necessary. Conversely, if vehicles are covering excessive mileage, it may indicate fleet overload. In such cases, purchasing additional vehicles may be necessary to meet business transportation needs without overloading and affecting vehicle durability.

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6. Inventory of maintenance supplies

Ensuring that your inventory always meets your fleet's needs is essential to prevent major breakdowns that could increase costs for the business.

Understanding inventory levels also enables prompt replenishment of supplies, ensuring vehicles are repaired promptly and avoiding downtime.

These are the 6 crucial metrics that every fleet manager needs to understand, to enable evidence-based decision-making and avoid impulsive actions.

Wishing you success!


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