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Dibee - The Digital Bee for the comprehensive fleet cost management

Dibee is short for Digital Bee.

There's no denying that digital transformation holds the key to addressing various challenges encountered by modern businesses, including the optimization of transportation costs. Recognizing this pressing need, Dibee strives to lead the charge by bringing cutting-edge technological advancements in the global transportation industry to Vietnamese businesses. We aim to assist businesses not only in closely managing fuel expenses but also in streamlining operations and gaining access to flexible fuel financial solutions.

Dibee's mission is to construct an ecosystem that delivers synergistic value to the business community through digitization, automation, and innovative transformation.

1. Solution Ecosystem: Payment - Finance - Management


Transportation costs pose a multifaceted challenge not only for transportation companies but also for businesses involved in transportation activities as part of their production and operations. These costs are spread across various facets of the business's operational processes. Recognizing this, Dibee endeavors to develop a comprehensive solution system to address all factors that may impact transportation costs:

  • Swift implementation of cashless fuel payment methods that are convenient, secure, and mitigate risks associated with cash handling, management, and payment.

  • Access to flexible and convenient fuel financial solutions that support cash flow management to ensure smooth business operations.

  • Rigorous control over fuel expenditure from transaction initiation to management, evaluation, and reporting.

2. Value Ecosystem: Digitalization - Transparency - Productivity Enhancement - Competitiveness Improvement


Digital transformation is a significant and inevitable shift for Vietnamese businesses amidst the 4.0 Industrial Revolution to keep up with the times, maintain competitiveness, and integrate with international partners. Dibee is honored to accompany businesses in this challenging journey for:

  • Data digitization, centralized data management, and error elimination.

  • Automatic data analysis using intelligent algorithms to make accurate decisions.

  • Cost transparency lays the groundwork for building clear and transparent financial profiles when accessing capital for business expansion.

  • Automation of operational management processes, reducing manual work, saving resources, and enhancing productivity.

3. Collaboration Ecosystem: Banks - Technology Companies - Fuel Suppliers - Customers

kết nối hai mảnh ghép

Dibee sets itself the mission of being the trusted connector, building a digital technology ecosystem where we, partners and customers can share resources, develop together, and create synergistic value for the Vietnamese economy:

  • Providing businesses with comprehensive digital solutions to optimize costs and operational management effectively.

  • Modernizing infrastructure, increasing customer service utilities for fuel partners at gas stations, and connecting them with a large database of enterprise customers.

  • Exploring opportunities for technology companies, and promoting innovative exchanges within the startup and business community in Vietnam.

  • Mobilizing significant capital to help banks enhance their competitiveness and increase capital flow to the economy.

The Digital Bee's proud journey has begun. Are you ready to join?

Contact Dibee to EMBRACE DIGITALIZATION today:

  • Address: 59 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Email:

  • Hotline: (028) 73 03 66 99

  • Or submit your information and business requirements HERE. We will contact you soon!


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