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Why cashless payment is essential for business after covid-19

While the COVID-19 epidemic has temporarily subsided in Vietnam, the societal shift towards contactless transactions instead of traditional payments is expected to persist in the long term, albeit to a lesser extent. This transition is now considered the new normal as it prioritizes the health and safety of the community.

For businesses, embracing electronic payment solutions not only safeguards the health of their workforce but also offers numerous additional benefits. These solutions streamline operational processes, optimize costs, boost profits, and enhance overall efficiency—especially crucial amidst the ongoing global economic downturn and challenging business landscape.

Introducing Dibee: a smart electronic fuel payment and management solution tailored exclusively for the Vietnamese market by Connexion Co., Ltd., a leading company specializing in digital management solutions for businesses. Dibee brings forth comprehensive benefits to businesses through its standout features:

1. Disease prevention

Dibee's intelligent e-payment solution eliminates the need for drivers to handle cash or paper vouchers, thereby minimizing the risk of infection through direct contact. Moreover, the Dibee system automatically updates invoice and voucher after each transaction, effectively curbing outbreaks spread from external sources within business location.


2. Fuel costs saving

Amidst the economic challenges predicted to persist until the end of 2020 due to the pandemic, businesses face the imperative of cost reduction and resource optimization. Dibee pioneers an e-payment solution by setting fuel norms for various vehicle types, mitigating fraud, and reducing business costs. This feature holds particular significance for transportation businesses, where fuel expenses typically constitute a substantial portion (30-45%) of operating costs.

Additionally, Dibee facilitates monitoring and evaluating fuel efficiency for individual vehicles and drivers, providing real-time online management software. Notably, major enterprises like DHL, Insee, and Biti's have reported an average reduction of 10-15% in monthly fuel costs within a few months of adopting Dibee, owing to its automated monitoring and management capabilities.

3. Optimize human resources

Amidst crises, optimizing human resources emerges as a pivotal cost-saving measure. Dibee's intelligent solution enables businesses to streamline tasks related to transportation cost management, reallocating resources to core company functions. Specifically:

  • Employees are relieved from the burden of collecting and managing vouchers, reconciling debts, and manually entering data at gas stations, thanks to Dibee's automatic invoice and voucher updates via its online portal.

  • Data consolidation across departments and branches is simplified as all information is stored on a unified online system accessible from any device.

  • Monthly fuel expense reporting becomes more efficient, with detailed visual reports readily extractable from Dibee's online portal.

In conclusion, Dibee emerges as a payment solution offering numerous advantages amidst the growing demand for non-contact payments in Vietnam's evolving social landscape. With its substantial benefits, Dibee presents a long-term solution for optimizing operational procedures, cost-saving, and driving significant contributions to digital transformation—an inevitable trend for enterprises in the 4.0 era amid Vietnam's robust economic development.


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