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Established in 2013, Green Leaf Vietnam specializes in premium passenger transportation services, catering to various needs such as employee transport, car rentals, and tourist buses.  

Renowned for its quality and reliability, it particularly gain trust from Japanese businesses. 

With 2 main branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, a fleet of 500+ vehicles and drivers, and professional fleet operation teams, Green Leaf operates across 20 cities and provinces, focusing on key industrial zones. 


Before adopting Dibee, Green Leaf faced operational challenges with their semi-manual software system that relied on paper vouchers for recording fuel transactions.


This process required office staff to be at the stations to facilitate the paper voucher distribution and management, and another team to manually input data, leading to inefficiencies, resource wastage, and delayed detection of abnormal transactions. 

These limitations hindered fleet management, restricted business expansion beyond other cities, and incurred additional costs for monitoring fuel transactions at gas stations. 


Cashless payment via integrated e-wallet on mobile application 

Save 10% on fuel costs  

  • Through visual reports, managers can adjust fuel limitations effectively, incentivizing drivers for efficient consumption. 

Real-time efficient management: 

  • Every transaction, complete with details such as driver information, vehicle data, gas station location, refueling time, fuel type, and actual liters refueled, is instantly synchronized with the management system from the mobile app. 

  • The reports and data extracted from the Dibee system empower Green Leaf to conduct thorough analyses, enabling them to: 

    • Optimize the vehicle fleet by identifying the most fuel-efficient vehicle types/tonnage 

    • Assess underutilized vehicles 

    • Detect instances of frequent over-refueling 

    • Investigate root causes by making assumptions

Reduce human resource costs by automating data processing tasks, while also aiding in accounting tasks with simplified document viewing and e-invoice retrieval. 

Eliminate fraud and reduce waste via  tight control mechanisms, ensuring accurate monitoring of fuel consumption

Refuel at the large Dibee gas station network across Vietnam, offers drivers flexibility and convenience along their routes. 


"Dibee helps reduce human resource costs and effectively controls the fleet fuel consumption process. Moreover, Dibee always listens to customer requirements, making changes and proposing new solutions in technology and service to suit the needs of businesses." 

Mr. Quoc Tuan Tran, CEO

Green Leaf Vietnam

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