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Insee Vietnam is a member of the Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (SCCC), one of the market leaders in the building materials industry in the region. 

Specialize in cement production, construction mortar, Conwood and waste management services in the South of Vietnam.

1 plant, 4 cement grinding stations, and the Head Office in Ho Chi Minh City

15 cars are designated for employee transportation.


The management team continually seeks solutions to enhance transparency in every fuel transaction. This effort is crucial as Insee incurs substantial monthly expenses to sustain fleet operations, encompassing driver salaries, fuel costs, maintenance expenses, and more, with fuel costs representing a significant portion.

  • The lack of transparency in fuel transactions poses a challenge for the Board of Directors in accurately assessing fuel consumption.


Furthermore, Insee seeks a fleet performance management solution. Given the substantial monthly fuel expenditure, the Board of Directors suspects inefficiencies in fuel usage by drivers but has yet to pinpoint any specific areas of concern.



Save 10% on fuel costs and digitalize the fleet management process

  • Enable the management team to set vehicle-specific fuel consumption limitations, enhancing fuel efficiency evaluation. This encourages drivers to be more fuel-conscious, leading to notable monthly fuel savings.

Reduce 70% time for monthly document reconciliation

  • Easily access real-time and detailed information such as actual fuel costs, fuel types, and total transactions on the Dibee management system

"Managing fleet performance, including fuel consumption and efficiency, is made easy with Dibee's system and web portal. It's truly a time and cost-saving tool."

Ms. Ngoc Dieu Pham, Administration Officer

Insee Vietnam

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