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3 Remarkable Technology Trends In The Logistic Industry

In a few decades ago, paper maps were the only navigation tool, indispensable in every driver's cabin, now it is almost gone from life, making room for mobile navigation applications.

This is just one of the clear shreds of evidence for the invasion of technology and its influence on the transport management industry.

Digital Transformation effect greatly to any kind of business, opening new possibilities

With the mind towards the 4.0 industrial revolution and the wave of digital transformation in the business, and here are 3 Remarkable Technology Trends In The Logistic Industry right now, in 2020.

1. GPS

Vehicle tracking is one of the most widely used GPS technologies. Thanks to GPS, fleet managers can identify the current location of each vehicle, calculate the most suitable transportation plan and timely dispatch of vehicles.

GPS is widely used in transport management

GPS also works to prevent fraud when combining fuel sensors. Thanks to this duo, the manager will know the location, distance traveled, the amount of fuel poured compared to the amount of fuel consumed, thereby detecting anomalous transactions.

Other applications of GPS can be mentioned as attendance of the driver, locating rescue vehicles, etc.

2. Telematics (mobile telecommunications)

Telematics is best known for improving fuel efficiency. With telematics, managers can collect data related to the driver's technique and driving skills.

Speeding up the brakes, accelerating or reducing the engine, or not stopping the engine when waiting for a long time is the driving habits that cause significant fuel consumption that the manager will easily grasp, thereby taking measures to train hands. Profession or adjust the driver in time.

You can easily assess the driver's skills and driving habits without having to sit in the cabin thanks to telematics

3. Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics technology is often combined with telematics to detect vehicle failure remotely.

You can know the exact condition of the vehicle, the operating conditions of the engine without visiting the car in person or taken to the repair shop.

Thanks to that, you will have plans for maintenance and timely maintenance of vehicles, minimizing situations where the vehicle has a problem in the middle of the road, ensuring a smooth journey.

Remote damage detection? It sounds hard to believe but it's real!


New technology has changed the face of many industries in the economy and the transport management industry is no exception.

Transportation management applications and technologies have revolutionized the way of transport management for many businesses that are agile and innovative.

As a result, many businesses have reduced manual work, improved productivity, and significantly increased profits.

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